Resin Collection

Welcome to the Resin Collectable page, here you will find all the info you need to start your very own collection of Resin Dinky Dragons.

The Process

Each dragon in this range starts life as a hand sculpted original piece made in Polymer clay. This piece is then secured in a container and a silicone mold material is poured over the dragon, and left to set.

The clay piece is then very carefully removed from the silicone mold, leaving the perfect impression of the dragon.

The mold can now be used to cast the art resin, which I add a variety of colours and glitters too to make each one extra special. Once the Resin has cured, the dragon is removed from the mold and ready to be sanded, waxed and have their gorgeous little hand painted eyes added. 

The Collection.

Each Mold will be numbered and Named, you will find the collection details and release dates below...

Resin Models are around 2 inches in size and each one will come with a signed certificate of authenticity, including name and Model number.

Photos of each member of the collection will be added upon completion.

Prices will vary slightly depending on design complexity, starting at £22.00 (plus standard p&p)

Model No. 001

Name: Tucker

Release Date:


Model No. 002

Name: Daisy

Release Date:


Model No. 003

Name: Gus

Release Date:


Model No. 004

Name: ???

Release Date:

To Be Confirmed