About Me 


My name is Laura, and I have always had a love for anything mythical. Growing up I was in to fairies, unicorns and of course Dragons...

I started to work with clay a few years ago now after making icing models for my daughters birthday cakes, from there the Dinky Dragons were born.


It is with the support of my husband and the inspiration I get from my two daughters (and my pets) that I am able to fulfill myself as an artist and bring you these adorable little characters.


Its been a long road, with many ups and downs, and the dragons have certainly changed and grown with my abilities over the years, but I am very proud of how much we have achieved so far, with lots of exciting oppurtunities ahead of us!


Each dragon is a unique piece lovingly brought to life, I like to think of each one having their own personality and what mischief they could get up to when left unattended.

I hope you enjoy meeting the dragons.